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Washroom - House 2


Dear guests, our launderette is in house 2 - the door is also opened with the general code.

Please only use our washing machine in the afternoons  - as we sometimes need it for towels, bed linen etc. in House 2 in the mornings.


Before use:

Please check bags of clothing - nails, screws etc. can damage the machine. Coarse dirt and mud should be removed or brushed out.

The next guests would also like to have a clean machine - the washing machine room is under video surveillance!

Washing machine:

Best on sportswear 60 degrees at 1400 revolutions - go to 40 or 30 degrees for light soiling.

Please make sure to clean the machine after use - if there is still dirt in the drum, so that the next guests can wash without fear.


If dryer has been used clean , pour out water Clean lint filter .

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