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Our booking and occupancy system , indicates the availability in real time - this means you can book your reservation immediately onto our system if the apartment is available. Your booking is only confirmed in step 5 of the booking system. Prior to this you will see the complete price for the period that you requested.

Please take note of the number of people and the child/children’s age/s.

Apartments1 bedroom/Küche/Bad:        Lauterlech 30  / 86152 Augburg                Helga /  Nils(+balcony) / Peter (+balcony)

apartments2 bedrooms/Küche/Bad:       Lauterlech 30 / 86152 Augsburg               Pia / Lucca (+balcony) / Paula (+terrace) / Max (+balcony)


APARTMENT2 bedrooms/Küche/Bad:        Schroeckstr. 13 / 86152 Augsburg           Sam /  Maya / Jara  / Ida

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